After School & Morning Sessions

Special in-person creative time

Sign up for weekly sessions for your kids to spend creative in-person time in a small group. We learn about materials and design/ engineering/ building techniques, then have free-build time to apply what we learn. Focus is on process and collaboration over product. Outdoors whenever possible. Pack a snack and a water bottle, we'll take it on our walk.

For school-aged kids (active K +), with special program for older kids (ages 8-12) on Thursday Late Day. Commit to the multiple week series, with same kids in same sessions. School year only.


Morning Sessions -- Fall 2021

Parent/Child program

More info coming soon

Afternoon Sessions (school year only)

Tues/ Wed/ Thurs/ Friday 3- 5:30pm

Multi-week classes

Grades K- 5. $25-30/day

More info coming soon

COVID-19 Routine:

Same small group each class to help mitigate transmission, health/temp screening, face coverings, wash stations, outdoor time, clean individual work stations, physical distancing, doors open and fans on, AC/heat for good air flow. We take masks off only when eating outdoors. We've been running camps and classes throughout the pandemic and have a good system!