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Piles of patterned fabric.

Donate Stuff

We can arrange a pick up if you have a large amount of donate-able supplies. Or write to for other drop off options.

Make sure materials are CLEAN, free of paper labels, rinsed, and free of oils, food, dust, mold or mildew. Your cleaning is important!

Small bags of one type of item are best, like one bag of corks, or smaller bags of like items in one larger bag. Less helpful is a bag full of random recycling.

Wish list:
Tea boxes or tins, small wood scrap, paper rolls, decorative paper, fabric, jug caps, metal bottle caps, small glass bottles with tops, usable art supplies, nature materials like rocks, shells, odds n ends. -- NO plastic tubs, NO egg cartons, NO amber pill bottles.

Your donation goes a long way: we turn your items into creative art classes,  AND we keep usable items out of the landfill. Thank you!

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