Studio Starter Box

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Let's set up your home studio. I will help get your space started with fun materials from different media, packed with new tape, glue, brushes, and a little hardware. You supply the bins you like and the empty shelf at home, then keep adding to the collections with everyday things! I will supply a few project idea & technique pages for you to keep in a binder for reference and inspiration if you like. Let's go!


    Materials and supplies are clean and ready to use. Let's learn to reuse and repurpose with everyday materials. We will become more resourceful, resilient, innovative and confident makers-- children and adults alike!


    Buy with confidence. You can keep store credit if you are dissastified with any portion of this product. Give us your feedback.


    LOCAL ONLY. You will be notified when order is ready. Pick up at the Scrappy Art Lab front door is on Thurs between 10-1. Delivery is at no charge on Bainbridge Island (same as "shipping" language) on Wed or Fri. Please drop off empty bins at Scrappy in cardboard box at the front door.


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